When do I Start A Business?


Don’t Lose your hard earned money!

            If you start a business at the wrong time you will lose your shirt. It will set you back twenty years because you will lose your hard earned seed money.


Let me share some things with you:

          I have been in business for over 40 years.  During that time I have started, purchased or sold more than 25 businesses.

          There have been 3 economic swings from boom to busts that have been devastating. During these times the revenues have dropped, the cash flows have been squeezed and the fear and have been noticeable let me tell you.

          Generally during these times you lose money, tighten your belt, work 10 hours per day and made very tough decisions.

          But here is the positive side of tough times.  You learn hard lessons that stay with you forever.  Mistakes cost money and but knowledge and wisdom will make you smarter when it comes to the next hundred decisions.


How To Start A Business (eBook)

          I have a great deal of information in my eBook.  You can download it to your computer.  Take you time to read it.  It has 17 chapter of business information, tips and encouragement gleaned from 40 years of owning and operating businesses in Alberta.   To download it you can go to my website http:www.howtostartanewbusiness.ca.


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